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The Osterville Village Association is a civic association dedicated to preserving our unique village character and endeavors through its membership to maintain and enhance the village experience for all to enjoy. Each and every membership dollar is put to work right here in Osterville supporting village non-profit organizations.

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Any year round or part time resident or business owner in Osterville who is 18 years of age or older may become a voting member.  As in the past, any household can participate as an individual voting member.  Annual dues remain a choice between $20 Membership or $35 Sponsorship.


A Special Contribution may be made to The Robert J. Smith, Jr. Osterville Fund.

100% of the ROBERT J. SMITH, JR. OSTERVILLE FUND donations go to Osterville Non-Profit Organizations whose missions are to serve the Village.  The Robert J. Smith, Jr. Osterville Fund OVA Standing Committee recommends Non-Profit Grant Requests to the OVA Board of Directors for consideration and approval.

Click here to join at the Single Member $20 level. You may make an additional donation to the Robert Smith fund in the next step. Thank you for your support!


Click here to join at the TWO Members per household $35 Sponsor level. You may add any amount as a donation to the Robert Smith Fund in the next screen. Thank you for your support!